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X-Fresh TM


Seafood, specially shell-protected seafood are a sensible material, difficult to protect and preserve to offer to consumers with the better possible state.


Historically the fight against bio-deterioration and melanosis were made through sulphite and sulphite derived compounds, with more restrictions as the public health and scientific knowledge about these compounds became deeper and more accessible to general public.


The concerns of industry about safe, easy-to-use and non-residual/clean label (regarding to allergies), is constantly increasing, especially those relatives to the onset of melanosis both on wild-capture and farmed species. ND Pharma & Biotech developed a single formula that increase significantly the shelf life of these products that is converted undoubtfully into an incremented market value, in terms of quality expressed and perceived by clients and consumers.X-Fresh TM is more safe and easy-to-use than sulphite. Sulphite and derived compounds are products which an effect of masking melanosis, in fact, turning whitening off the black color. Sulphite, (specifically sodium metabisulphite) do not fight with other bio-deterioration elements resulting into degradation of shellfish, malodors, poor-quality products and shorter shelf life.

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